International Cyber Security Conference at CeBIT 2017

Our this year’s International Cyber Security Conference provides the opportunity to catch up with the rapid developments in the domain of cyber security and to obtain first-hand information from leading experts and practitioners. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and comprehensible inventory taking and fostering a productive discussion among the participants and experts.

With regard to the recent incidents of cyberattacks there are a variety of interesting questions: What measures could be undertaken to achieve stable, safe, and resilient services and products in our interconnected mission-critical processes? How can we orchestrate our security activities in order to be forearmed with regard to potential threats? How could a pro-active security strategy look like? Will our business models have to be essentially adapted? How do national and international authorities react to the increasing threat of cybercrime?

We will kick off the discussion with our five keynote speeches which will provide different perspectives to this challenging topic. Subsequently, within our panel discussion including our keynote speakers as well as further experts, we will dive deeper into the topic of pro-active ‘security by design’.

Having created a sufficient amount of “food for thought”, we are happy to invite you to the business lunch which will give you plenty of opportunity for discussions and networking.

Afterwards, you will be more than welcome to join the tour d´horizon – where we will have a guided tour to some of the solutions in the exhibition with the chance to share best-practice experiences. We will provide further details with regards to the tour stops in the very near future.

The following links provide the keynote speeches of this year's International Cyber Security Conference 2017

Dr. Sandro Gaycken
ESMT, European School of Management and Technology
"Why the cybersecurity problem is unsolvable and how to solve it anyway"

Dr. Steve Purser
ENISA, European Network and Information Security Agency
"Dealing with technology evolution - from policy development to implementation"

Axel Deininger
Giesecke & Devrient GmbH
"Scalable Security solutions to enable Cyber Security and to manage Digital Identities"

Helmut Leopold
AIT, Austrian Institute of Technology
"From defence to offence - how to achieve a pro-active 'security by design'?"

Impressions of this year's International Cyber Security Conference and Guided Tour at CeBIT 2017